Algolia Instantsearch - show real html content in react app

I configured a demo app in react with an algolia search. I indexed some indices in algolia. The content is raw html. Is it possible to render this content with algolia in real html?
I didn’t saw something like escapeHTML from the js library
Maybe with dangerouslySetInnerHTML but I dont know how is it possible for multiple hit probs.

You should know about the dangers regarding XSS of allowing raw html to be rendered on your page, but you can use dangerouslySetInnerHTML in the hitComponent:

function Hit(props) {
    return (
                {/* a regular attribute */}
                <li dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: }} />
                {/* dangerous highlighting */}
                {/* safe highlighting */}
                    <Highlight attribute="name" hit={props.hit} />

function App({ searchClient, indexName }) {
    return (
        <InstantSearch searchClient={searchClient} indexName={indexName}>
            <Hits hitComponent={Hit} />