Algolia instasearch client for elm-lang

Still working on it.
Would love to hear feedback.


This is really cool @sunder.narayanaswamy, thanks for sharing!

I think @gianluca.bargelli will be excited to see this and might have some feedback for you.

About the demo - I noticed that the search doesn’t start until I have typed 3 characters - any reason for that?

Thanks I love the product !

No special reason for the 3 character limit.
I just wanted to leave some placeholder in the example, if any transformations are required before calling the api.

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Hey @sunder.narayanaswamy, awesome job! :raised_hands:

I love how you kept things simple and the example you provided!

That said, one thing we’re providing inside our API clients and it’s currently missing in your implementation is the ability to retry different hosts, you can see an example of this inside our vanilla JavaScript client:

I’m eager to see what you can come up with, congrats! :tada:

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