Algolia instatsearch.js Range Slider start and end values not updating correctly when page refreshes

I am using algolia instatsearch customized connectRange connector in range slider. When I filter I need to keep the selected range values after page refreshes. I have enabled routes with the range filter params. However when page refresh renderOptions range start and end values updating to the default range min max values. Also it is not possible to update values in range slider as well.

My url filter params are look like this.

And when I console log the renderOptions values it looks like below.


Here the start option values are same as default range min and max values. But it should be [1970, 2005] instead of [1920, 2020].

Appreciate if you can provide any suggestions for this issue.

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Hey! For the InstantSearch state to sync with the URL, you need to enable routing. You can learn more in our Routing URLs guide.

Hi francoischalifour,

Thanks for the reply. We are currently doing the enable routing and it is updating the state correctly for other refinements for us. We are having this issue only with the range slider.

Hi @adheesha, would it be possible to provide a codesandbox to demonstrate the issue? We have starter templates here.