Algolia Integration Issue: Search for any content with no results

Hi, I have a question and would appreciate your insights. My website( is built with Docusaurus, and I was thrilled to pass the review for DocSearch. I received my appId, apiKey, and indexName via email.
After integrating these details into my website, it successfully crawls and indexes content, and I can even search through the content via the Algolia dashboard. However, when I try to use the search functionality on my website, it always returns no results, regardless of the query. What might be incorrectly set up?
This is my test PR in the repo: Update Search Plugin by heywalter · Pull Request #170 · tapdata/docs · GitHub
Thank you!

Update: I’ve just update, setting contextualSearch to false, the search result can be display in the pop window, but when click the result below and go to the search page, it shows no result found, any other setting that i missed? Thanks for your help.