Algolia Logs taking up space on my server

  1. I have a problem with storage on my server. There is 2 large files named algolia log. Can I delete 1 and/or both? 1 is 317M and the other 173M.

  2. How do I clear an indexing queue that is stuck. I have about 380 items stuck. I am not hugely techy so some clear answers in everyday english would be super helpful. Thanks! :smile:

Hi Katrina,

  1. Yes, you can delete those files, Magento will create fresh new ones if needed.

  2. Have you activated the indexing queue ? (In Configuration > Catalog > Algolia Search > Indexing Queue / Cron > Queue enabled) If you did, Magento should progressively process the different jobs. You can also directly clear all the jobs on the top of the Algolia configuration in this section.

Hope this would help.

Hi Damien, Thanks for your response. The queue is already enabled. How can you “clear all the jobs on the top of the Algolia configuration”.