Algolia Multistore Links Issue




I have setup Algolia for my Multistore with each store having seperate indicies but when searching for a product the URL is incorrect, it uses a different stores URL for a product for example I am on the url when I search products are showing links to

Does anyone know about this issue and can anyone support me to get this resolved?


Hi @gareth.jones,

Could you please look into two settings:

  • System > Configuration > General > Web > Search Engine Optimization and set the field Use Web Server Rewrites to Yes .

  • System > Configuration > General > Web > Unsecure or Secure:

After each, a full reindex is required for the changes to take effect.

I hope this helps!


Hi Ajay,

We are using Magento 2 and we have already setup the settings you mentioned in Magento 2 format, very confused to why this issue occurs


Hi @gareth.jones,

Just wanted to follow up here and see if it has been resolved. If it hasn’t, would it be possible to see a live example? It would help us with investigating your issue.

Let us know,