It seems that my web server is under attack by an IP address where the DNS is “”.

Is this domain manage by Algolia Team ?

when you go to the address you receive this message :


* message: "Path not supported by Algolia REST API. Please have a look at for the list of valid commands",

* status: 404


On my websites, i’m using instantsearch.js and autocomplete.js


Hey there,

Yes, is the domain that hosts the REST API endpoints for Algolia services.

We also host a web crawler, but it should only be crawling sites that are configured and verified via this process or if you have signed up for our DocSearch program. The address of the crawler is

What’s the domain that’s seeing these requests?

Hi @chuck.meyer,

Thanks for your reply.
We don’t use algolia web crawler and doc search.

The attack has stop some hours later and everything works fine now. Maybe, it was just the DDOS on some pages where we are using Algolia Instant search…