Algolia no updating specific products

Hi, everybody.

We found a strange problem, when someone in our store was searching in the algolia search bar and can not find a specific product, we find and analyze the product in magento and we didnt see something strange, the product is:

Configurable product with only one “associated product” with stock, the name of the product is “Dash & Dot” and the SKU/ID is: PADRE-1-W-/3520, Visibility: “Catalog/search”, status: “Enabled”.

In the Algolia Configuration in Magento, is active to index products with “Catalog/search” and stockable products.

In the table algoliasearch_queue is the line for index the product:
70870 | 2018-05-25 09:06:25 | NULL | algoliasearch/observer | rebuildProductIndex | {“store_id”:“1”,“product_ids”:[“3520”]}
And Algolia index this line without problems.

In the Algolia Logs in Magento, nothing appears.

Where is the problem? we cant find them?


Hello @online,

it looks like the extension thinks that the product shouldn’t be indexed for some reason.
Can you go to Algolia dashboard, find products index and try to find the product there?

Hi, Jan.

In Alogolia dashboard, option index, if we search for this product by name or id, the response dont show this product, it seems like the product is not indexed by Algolia.


Hello @online,

ok, it means that extension thinks the product’s shouldn’t be indexed.
Can you dig in a code and see why is happening? The decision takes places here:

Let me know how it goes.