Algolia not indexing all of our Magento products?

Algolia Team hello

Magento v2.1.6

I am strying to get our new Algolia Magento trial to work.

We have 126K products in our Magento catalog, but Algolia only finding/indexing 85K ?

Also, have not been able to solve the Magento string in the URL issue… applied FAQ recommended fix but does not work for us?
my post here:

thanks - GARRY, USA

Hello Garry,

the extension indexes only enabled, visible and on stock products. Are all of your 126k products enabled and visible?

yes, all my products are visible for catalog, search

Also, was unable to remove extra ‘magento’ string from URL


And are all on stock as well?
Are you able to dive a bit into a code and see why some particular products are not indexed? The decision if the product should be indexed is here:

Let me know if it helps you.