Algolia not indexing all Shopify products (only indexing 271 out of 574 products)

Hi there! My team is working on Algolia integration for a grocery store (headless Shopify) site, and came across an issue. There are 574 products on the site, as can be seen here:

However, only 271 of those products are indexed by Algolia, as seen here:


And here:

We have attempted re-indexing, but unfortunately the number of records remained the same (271).

No products are tagged with algolia-ignore, nor do any product names contain “[hidden]”.

The site in question is, and the Shopify backend can be found here:

Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi @services1 Thanks for reaching out. We would like to look into your specific case in more depth, please can you contact out support team directly here this way we can more easily investigate, if you can also give our team access to your application from the support page in your dashboard that would be great. Thanks!