Algolia on my Personal Blog

Around 5 months ago I created my own personal blog. I started with nothing and hoped that some people reads it, that’s mostly my expected reward. Before I realized, I was having much more traffic that I expected:


My blog is built using Hexo, a Jekyll-like static site generator built on NodeJS which is blazing fast and makes deployment easy.

Later on, I started to build newer features, such as making a PWA out of my blog or adding the search bar.

The search bar uses Algolia. First, it indexes the post contents using the hexo-algolia, an hexo plugin where I’m collaborator that uses the Algolia client. Then I use Algolia’s autocomplete lib, which makes easy the autocomplete dropdown. Really, it’s just this piece of code!

Lastly, I have a deploy script that I run when I deploy new articles.

It looks like this when you search:

I’d be glad to hear some feedback from the blog, the articles and hear to any suggestions you may have!


Wow. Another lighting fast static site - powered blog. I’m looking on from the point of view from a WordPress-hosted blogger with jealousy. :slight_smile: I’ve tried migrating to Hugo but can’t get the export to work correctly.
I think your blog is very well laid out - I love the template and your writing style.

Your search could be improved by using featured images to help break up the results list, visually. Have you explored using a featured image in posts?

Cool new implementation of Algolia, and nice work with your personal blog! Very much enjoying the layout and your concise style of writing here :slight_smile: