Algolia Personalization result is not perform as well as expect

Hi, I feel a little bit curious about algolia personalize result.

Since I have read from document, that Algolia will capture user behavior from his past product facet.

So I’ve sent user (named John) past event to algolia and analyst user detail in user tab.

Assume his favorite shop is ABC shop, which sell television and audio.

So, I try the personalize simulator by setting the config as follows:

user: John
query: television
and affect of his events are all set to high, personalize impact high, facet shop name is 100 while other facet is set to 1.

But the result from personalization is arrange as follows:

  1. Television from shop NNN
  2. Television from shop GG
  3. Television from shop ABC << which was expected to be higher prioritize
  4. Television from shop EEE
  5. Television from shop UUU
  6. Television from shop ABC << which was expected to be higher prioritize
    and many more product ranking but the number of promoted product is very small

From my understanding, All product from shop ABC might be ranked in higher position. But top 50 product is ordered like no-personalize result.

While personalize icon is shown on product of ABC shop, but was not ranked higher.

I saw example in Algolia document, every product seems to be ranked higher and looks more beautiful than mine [only 2-5 product position are swapped]

I want the orders of product be promoted much more than mine. Hence, any suggestion or help ?