Algolia place with vue-places how to add the map?

This is the code I use to add vue-places in my vue application. It work well for autocomplete. I success to get back the long and lat as I need but I also need the user to visualize the location on a map to double confirm what they typed is proper.
How do I add map below the field with a maker showing the location ?

Code is the following (I didn’t success to copy paste fully the code in the forum, it cut part of the code…)

Hi there,

I’m Dorian, software engineer at Algolia.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that your jsfiddle leads to a saved template. Rather it redirects to the empty jsfiddle template. Could you make sure it is saved and accessible and then save it again please?

In the mean time, this might help you

I hope this helps in the mean time.

how to insert long code in this forum ? seems it cut my code.

Hi there,
you can just paste your code here.
I’m not sure how it’s not working.

And the url for JSFiddle normally looks like this:
It’d be great if we can take a look at your working example on JSFiddle, CodeSandbox, or etc.

In the mean time, you can check this example:

Type any city there. It will show markers. It’s using vue-googlemaps library and you can use others if you’d like to.

Let me know how it goes.

This is almost exactly what I need. However on this example you are showing I need to filter only cities or only adress, or only country and I need autocomplete. How to adapt the code to make it ?

I’m sorry but I’m not sure how you want to use it.
You said you’re using vue-places. When user types something and choose an item from the suggestion, then what do you want to do with it?
Do you want to relocate the map with the location of the selection being centered?

I typically wants to recreate the example showed on Algolia Places page but under VueJs.