Algolia Places not able to make it work

Hi there,

This is my first time using Algolia solutions, so… I apologize up front if my question is naive.

I’m trying to set up Algolia Places, for an input… just like in the example page. But I havent been able to have “places” object available on the page.

So, even the Simple Input example won’t work.

var placesAutocomplete = places({
container: document.querySelector(’#address’)

It says “places is not defined”.

The file is linked via CDN, it get downloaded correctly… but “places” is not available in the console either.

This is what is it available on page:


Any help would be very appreciatted… please!



OK, I figured it out…

Some evil script were overwritting the places object. I just move the link down on the load stack.

I think “places” is a very common name for a global variable. dont you think?

UPDATE (Not solved):

I thought I got it solved… but I didnt.

When importing the library from CDN in a blank page, works perfectly. But my current project already have lots of javascript plugged in.

Even when I place the CDN link last in the stack… still places is not available.

Is there a way of initialize the “places” plugin manually??




In my case, I had “retina.js” before “places.min.js”… it didnt work.

After I put places.min.js before it, now places is available.

Retina’s link:

Good luck to all.

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