Algolia Production Readiness

Hello Team,

We are using Algolia Indexing in our eCommerce application. Till now we have integrated Algolia indexing for non-production environments. Now we are in a process of creating a production environment. There we are willing to check -

  1. How does Algolia need to be configured?
  2. Do we need to create separate indexes?
  3. What additional measures do we need to take care of in the same?

We tried to raise a ticket for it but did not get any answer on the same. Probably I have chosen the wrong options in creating the ticket for this query.

Any help in these queries is much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Hi Giri,

It’s not required, but certainly a best practice to create separate staging and production versions for each index. This gives you the best flexibility for testing new functionality and reproducing issues.

You can export the staging configuration and import it into your production index to keep them in sync.

You can find general advice about moving to production here:

Let me know if you have any additional, specific concerns.