Algolia query parameters change

Algolia is generating following URL when we use instant search.**#**q=dj%20mx&idx=algolia_default_products&p=0&hFR[categories.level0][0]=DJ&nR[visibility_catalog][%3D][0]=1&is_v=1

It seems algolia is adding hashed parameters (#q=dj…), which we can’t retrieve from PHP Scripts.
Is it possible to change these parameters into query parameters (?q=dj…) ?

I am expecting following url should be works as above URL.**?**q=dj%20mx&idx=algolia_default_products&p=0&hFR[categories.level0][0]=DJ&nR[visibility_catalog][%3D][0]=1&is_v=1

Hey @mails4rajendrak, which method are you using to get that URL, is that with Magento? If you used InstantSearch.js, there should be an option useHash: true in the initialiser, the default behaviour is using query parameters

Hi Haroen,

I was trying to get the query parameters from Magento. Since Algolia URL using hash, I can’t get the query parameters from Magento. Now I disabled useHash in InstantSearch.js, It is working as expected.

Thanks for the help.

perfect, we used the hash in magento to support old browsers I think