Algolia react example issue

EDIT: It was an external problem causing this issue. Everything works great in the react router example application.

Hello, have a quick question. We’re trying to implement something similar to this react-router example:

All the search and filtering functionality works great except whenever you search the search hits and refinement list has a flashing effect. I believe this is happening because the algolia widget components are being re rendering when the browser url is updated using history.push(). This can be validated if you console.log() in the componentDidMount() lifecycle in the component.

Is there a way to avoid this issue where all of the algolia widgets are re rendered when a user types in the search input or changes the filter while also keeping the browser url in sync with the current search state? We looked at the routing guide section in the docs ( but it didn’t help at all. Thanks in advance!

Hi @bsubedi26, did you solve your issue?

@samuel.vaillant, Yes thank you.