Algolia Recommend collect events error message

I want to try using recommendation. But I can not as there is error saying.

“There was an error while fetching the events, please retry later.”

I had waited few days and tried again, and the message still there. What is wrong?

Which model are you training? There are specific requirements around events in your index to train the various model (last 30 days, must include a queryID, etc.).

If you believe you’re sending the appropriate events for this index/app – check the Events Debuggers under Data Sources in your Dashboard.

I am trying on “Related Product”.

In the analytic section it shows data since 8 October. That mean enough data?

In dubug section I am seeing this message.

Yeah – that definitely looks off. Do you always get that same error?

Do you have a ticket open on this with support? If not, can you send me this APP ID so we can take a peek at it? Also, if its ok, the events team would needs permissions to look inside the account (Sign in | Algolia) .

Yes I have been seeing same error. I just created a support ticket. I also grant permission for support. Is it save to post my APP ID here?

Hi! Following up, did support get back to you? I wouldn’t post your ID in the thread, but you can certainly message me directly if you haven’t gotten a support response.