Algolia seach popup will disapear while scrolling the search result in mobile

Hello Support,

I have used your extension and its working fine in desktop, but i have issue in mobile while we scroll the search result and touch the pad the popup will be disappears.Please check bellow screen shot.

Please advice me how to fix it.

Thank You.

Hello @winglye,

this can be done by setting debug parameter as true in autocomplete.js when on mobile.

We will implement it directly to the extension soon, but in a meanwhile feel free to patch the code yourself.


I have implement your solution and its working fine but after that we are not able to close the result popup while click outside the popup. We need to reload the page.

Please advise me if you have any solutions.

Thank You.

Hello @winglye,

the best thing to close it is by clicking the cross icon in the search box.
This will clear the input and hide the autocomplete menu.

Would that work for you?