Algolia Search Client v 3.1.0 on Magento 2

Hi All,
hope i’m in the right place to ask my question and not creating duplicates.
I’m working on a Magento 2 integration, after a fresh install of the package, composer installed version 3.2.0 of Magento 2 module and 2.8 of Algolia Search PHP client. According to the documentation, the latest PHP client version is 3.1.0 which contains a Recommend integration which I need but it seems it’s missing in the previous versions.
Why is it installing the old version of the client? Is it possible to force upgrade to 3.1.0 version?

Thank you in advance

Hello, did you manage to get recommendations going in Magento? I am in a similar position as you were in November trying to figure out how to include algolia related products to our magento 2.3 shop.


Hi Michael,
Sorry but i can’t help you. :frowning:
After having no response for some time we put the thing on hold and we focused on other task.
Let me know if you’re more lucky.