Algolia search is not capable for dealing with Arabic's definite article "AL"

Hi, my name is Zack and I’ve been fiddling with algolia search features, and I have found out that the Algolia search can’t seem to handle the arabic definite article “Al” which is a prefix in arabic, and the equivalent of “the” in english, however this one is joined with the word as a prefix.

So the example is: when I type the word “نبيل” in my search, algolia fetches all results but can’t seem to find the result “النبيل”, producing all relating results even pulling the farthest results like أيل and بين etc.
the way I see it algolia doesn’t seem to look back on what the previous 2 or 3 letters could be but can only predict what the next letters can be. I’m not 100% certain.

But my questions is, how can I make algolia fetch the appropriate results, as when i type a word with no definite article, its gives the results that has the definite article on them as matches. If thats not a thing in algolia, then its a huge problem because most people search using words without typing the definite article, and its a very common habit amongst Arabic speakers.

Thank you so much for your time.

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