Algolia Search on Discourse stops working after few seconds

Hey guys!

I noticed a problem with the Algolia search engine on Discourse (also found here, in this forum). I search for a topic and enter it, a few seconds later the search engine stops responding at all (it doesn’t give any result back).

Is this normal behaviour?

Hi @Sevos, I’m not able to duplicate your issue. Can you provide the topic and the steps you are taking to see this behavior (if there are more steps than 1) enter search query, 2) press enter.)

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Once you start scrolling through the topic, the Algolia search bar stops responding at all. It occurs on your forum as well (pretty much on every Discourse forum running discourse-algolia).

I believe I was able to reproduce the issue:

Resultado de imagen para gif example|-2147483648xCloudAppDropHeight

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll investigate internally and let you know what we find!

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Nice :slight_smile: What’s up with this issue?

Hi @Sevos, sorry for the delay here. Because of the holiday season we haven’t had our full staff around. We’ll update this thread as soon as possible!

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Bump, so just you don’t forget this issue :smiley:

Hi @Sevos,

Sorry again for the long response! We looked into it, but were not able to find the cause of the issue.
As you mentioned, this is happening on all websites using the Discourse-Algolia extension. This extension is maintained by discourse, here is the repo for it:
Would you be able to contact Discourse support about it ?

Sorry for not being more helpful here!

Sure, I’ll try to reach out to them :slight_smile:

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