Algolia Search Results Limited to 100,000 (100K)?

I have this code:

  const content: AlgoliaHits = await'', {
    length: 100,
    offset: offsetFromUrl,
    attributesToRetrieve: ['title'],
  const hits = content.hits

If I set offsetFromUrl equal to or greater than 100000, then there would be no results. If I set the offsetFromUrl to 99999, then there would be one result. If I set it to 99998, then there would be two results, and so on. According to nbHits, I have about 280000+ records in algolia. Is this a limitation?

Hi @james.nogra thanks for reaching out! The maximum result you can see is controlled by the paginationLimitedTo setting. This defines the maximum number of hits that can be reached by paginating. Whilst this value can be increased we recommend caution because this has an impact on the performance of your search as well as making it easier for your search to be scraped. There are more details on this here: paginationLimitedTo | API parameters | API Reference | Algolia Documentation

Thanks Mathew. I can see now the settings. it was set to 100k!