Algolia Search with Flutterflow

I have a Flutterflow project which uses Algolia and Firebase Extension.
With one search field which controls 6 collections and 6 different Firebase extensions.

On first search everything behaves, but on second search I either get a duplication of results in collections where the items are not present or I get no results found, despite already having results found. I have made a video to explain the issue further.

I am looking for some help if anyone would be so kind.


@dg1 welcome to the community!

That is a very odd issue. If you examine the network traffic from Algolia, are these the same results seen in our response? We should not be duplicating any results from our side, perhaps something is off with the InstantSearch implementation.

Are you performing any custom logic with the Hits after they are received from our API?

Also, would you be able to share a Code Sandbox privately (we can exchange PMs) so I can take a look at the underlying code for the implementation to track this down?

Happy to help further let us know! Thanks!

I’m running into a similar issue. Search works on some pages but not inside one of my components. Not sure why. Did you find a resolution to this problem?