Algolia Shopify App Updates - instantsearch v2?

I need a little guidance on the Shopify app installation process.

I updated the app using the “synchronize” button in the app settings. This broke my existing search results page and in trying to figure out why, I’m noticing lots of hogan helper changes and new references to algolia.translations in the instantsearch.js

I’m wondering if my problem is related to being on instantsearch 1.0 vs. 2.0. Can you confirm which version of instantsearch the shopify app installs? In looking at the theme files it appears to be 1.0 but most of the answers and documentation is related to 2.0 it seems and I suspect that some of my problems might be related to the .js trying to call libraries that don’t exist from the wrong version.

If the shopify app does rely on V1, is there a way to upgrade it to V2?

The Shopify app does indeed rely on instantsearch.js v1. We haven’t had the need yet to upgrade it to v2, and the main issue we’d have there would be the inconsistency between answers given with v1 vs answers given with v2.

However, clicking on Synchronize shouldn’t have modified our installed code, except for one file.
Indeed, all this does is finding all the themes with Algolia installed and updating the assets/algolia_config.js.liquid file, which should be backward-compatible.

Could you share with us a link to your store so that we could see the error ourselves?

I’d like to follow-up on this thread. We did indeed have a bug which would make the Synchronize button override all your Algolia files instead of algolia_config.js.liquid only.
This is now fixed, as you can see in our Changelog: .

Our apologies for this, we can definitely understand how frustrating this might have been.