Algolia Shopify collections all

I created a collection with handle ‘all’. Other collections render the products list. But algolia fails to display any products in collection with handle ‘all’. Is this algolia limitation?

This is related to this one

It says collection with “frontpage” cannot be displayed. Or is this intended for “all”?

Hi @joseph.bautista,

Our Collection search page feature is not provided for the collections/all URL since it would display all items, resulting in the same feature than /search page.

You can remove this limitation by updating the javascripts/algolia_init.js.liquid file and remove the “all” exclusion from the following regexp:

algolia.is_collection_results_page = !!window.location.pathname.match(/^\/collections\/(?!all$)([^/]+)[/]*$/);


Thanks for that. All is working now