Algolia Shopify - Product Name Display - Display Full Product Name not Ellipsis

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For Shopify App – In Search Results Page or Collection Page, is there a way to display Full Product Name, not a cut-off product name followed by ellipsis. For example, display “This is My Full Product Name - Size X-Large - Green Color”, not “This is My Full Product Name - Size …” and the rest cut off.

Update - Got it. The max number of characters is hardcoded in helpers function. It would be nice if this will be configurable in Shopify App. Thank you.

Hi @steve5,

Thanks for reaching us.

You can solve this issue by modifying the CSS of your theme. For the class “ais-hit–title” simply remove the property white-space: nowrap and add word-wrap: break-word This should do the trick!



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