Algolia Shopify - Product Ranking - Custom ranking attribute "position"

Shopify App - Where does Product’s Custom Ranking Attribute “position” get its indexed value from? For example, if a product1 belongs to Collection1, Collection2, Collection3 and product1 is in position 2 in Collection 1, and position 5 in Collection 2, and position 7 in collection 3. What is the value of indexed product’s “position” value then?

Hi @steve5,

Thanks for reaching us.

The Algolia Shopify Plugin index variant objects in the shopify_products index (or other name depending on the configuration).

In order to index variant data only, each Algolia record represents variant data with some properties of their parent product.
You can find the list and the detail for each indexed properties in our documentation.

position is an attribute at the variant level that we receive from Shopify webhooks.
This position indicate the variant position for the parent product (cf: id is the parent product id, objectID is the variant id).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Got it. Thank you. Happy New Year!