Algolia + Shopify Store

I definitely love the search speed that Algolia provides. The only issues I see right with our store, is that there are certain things we want to hide which I am not sure how to change.

  • We are using Shopify (Mr. Parker Theme)
  • Need to hide price from search results in Algolia
  • Need to hide variants (is this possible?) from search results in Algolia

I’ve looked through the source code that was placed our site, but I am unsure where to stop it from showing these items.

I think this FAQ entry might be what you’re looking for to have only one variant displayed per product: .

With this solution, do you still want to hide the prices? :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the link. I was definitely looking in the wrong area before you posted this. Regardless, I was able to hide pricing by going into the source code.

Using the link you provided, I was able to go into the Dashboard and modify the indexes as needed.

Thank you once more for the help.

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Don’t hesitate to come back if you need anything else.