Algolia ❤️ Svelte

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you the first ever e-commerce website built with Svelte and Algolia in the UAE ! :innocent:
The web app is mainly based on top of Algolia instantsearch.js integrated through svelte custom components and a Sapper application.
Algolia items are sync directly with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

We have just launched the web app few days ago, so of course there’s still a lot of bug fixings to do and improvements to implement but for now we are quite happy with the first results !

Do not hesitate if you want to discuss our implementation !


This is super cool! I saw you used the InstantSearch connectors, do you have a sandbox or something else to share with the community how your svelte integration works?

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@jonathan3 I’d love to see a demo too if you have any of the source to share.