Algolia synonym search adding characters

Hi I have a problem on this page Køkkenudstyr - Køb professionelt køkkengrej her! - H.W.Larsen A/S
Where the italic text in the search result says things like spækbrætt8 and spækbrættn when I have a two way synonym set up for [spækbræt,skærebræt] and the original text in the search result is “skærebræt”.

My question is this: Why does algolia add t8 and tn and so on to the end of the result when using synonyms.

PS. The æøå, ÆØÅ letters are native to Denmark by the way.

Hello @matt3,

Thanks for reaching out!

Congratulations, you’ve just spot a bug in our API! :tada::bug: The two extra characters at the end of the highlighted synonym are just garbage and should not be there. It only happens when the synonym contains ligatures (like æ in your case, but œ or other ligatures would do the trick too).

The cause has been diagnosed and a fix is under way. I can’t provide you with any ETA yet. I’ll update this thread when we have more visibility.

By the way, I noticed that you asked the same question on Stack Overflow, but did not want to reply there until I can provide a definitive answer. Fortunately, this forum allows more interactivity. I will reply on Stack Overflow when the problem is fixed.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hi Clement,

Thanks for the reply and happy to spot bugs for you :slight_smile:
The only reason I asked here after asking on Stack Overflow was beceause I wasn’t sure you guys were watching there.
Will the bug fix require any action on our part?

Hello @matt3,

Sorry, I missed your last message somehow.

The bug is now fixed and has been deployed everywhere (since last Friday, actually). There is no action required on your side. :slight_smile:

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