Algolia Timeout Error

Hello, can someone please explain why do we encounter this error:

Hosts unreachable: expired, expired, expired, expired

I’m creating an admin API for proceeding index update, and using C#.NET.

I read in another thread that it was a bug in using PHP laravel, but we’re not using it. Also no resolution was provided in that thread other than redeploying.

Can we get an advise as how to now encounter this? My concern is, if this happened on production environment and we can not afford to redeploy with no changes always.


This error is happening when your server does not have connectivity to any of the Algolia API endpoints. In this case, you’re trying to connect to a cluster in Hong Kong that has servers in two different networks but you didn’t manage to connect to either of those. We normally see this error happening once in a while when the Chinese Firewall kicks in for connection from mainland China to Hong Kong.

There is unfortunately nothing we can do about this now. What we recommend is to build the operations queue handling to be error tolerant and retry, in case something like this happens again.

Hello adam.surak!

Unfortunately we encountered it 2 days ago and until we redeploy, the error persists. However maybe we’ll try to implement a simple repository of failed requests to still collect the items for re-processing.

Thank you.