Algolia Vue Instant Search Package Size

I use Algolia in a bunch of projects and think it is in general absolutely awesome! But there is one point that is just depressing - the package size.
I have a nuxt project that uses the vue-instant-search package to enable SSR. But the size of the package is so big, that it nearly doubles my entire project.

Here a screenshot of the webpack analyzer:

So there is the vue-instantsearch-, algoliasearch-helper- and algoliasearch-package.
I already only imported the components only on the pages where they are really needed and not as plugin. Is there any other possibility to lower the size?

There was an issue in Vue InstantSearch preventing tree shaking to work correctly. This was fixed recently in v3.3.0 ( )

Could you try to upgrade Vue InstantSearch to v3.3.0 or higher and tell us if it solves your issue ?