Algolia with goHugo on Netlify

Hello Community

We have been developing some website on goHugo on Netlify. Our website is quite big over 60k pages. And so implementing a search has been one of our top priorities. Thanks to Algolia and their Netlify Plugin which has made things seem possible for us.

So we got it integrated but definitely as is mentioned on this forum post -

We cannot get it accomplished. Any lead on how to get this would be appreciated.

Our goHugo archetypes are much different from their default ones. And we do not have “Title”, “URL”, “Date” kind of typical fields that one would expect on goHugo’s markdown files.

  1. We would like to set up our own rules for Exclusion (most of the URLs need not be indexed for now) - just because right now we are testing and the website is still under development.

  2. We would also like to understand how do we place the fields from our goHugo MDs onto Algolia so that when the user tries searching we are able to display the list of probable options on the dropdown - we have read that it is possible to set up our own schema for the Algolia record. So we would like to understand how to make use of our fields in setting up the Attributes for Searching, Displaying etc.

As we have just started getting familiar with Algolia, the documentation seems to be quite vast and overwhelming.

So any help here would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to your responses and learning from the experienced here.