Algolia WordPress Not Sorting Page Post Images

Just downloaded Algolia. The search bar works great for showing the results in a dropdown, but I was hoping it would instantly sort the results of the featured posts on the page. Here is the site:

Hi @sheehanthomson,

Thanks for contacting Algolia! I appreciate the link to the live site.

Would you be able to provide an example of a query you search, what you select, and what you expect to see on the page?

When I visit the page and search for example “Amana” or “Carrier”, I click and do not see any posts so any detail you can provide would be appreciated. Any detail you can provide to replicate your experience would be great.

Look forward to your response!

The posts don’t have any content currently. I’m getting the layout figured out first.

I would like for the home page to act like a search results page just like with this page ( when someone types it in the results are sorted below the search bar. That way the visitor doesn’t have to click on the result in the dropdown, but a larger button (the featured image in the Genesis grid).

Any ideas? I’d like this to be as easy to search as possible