the Algolia WordPress plugin by itself works perfectly fine, but when I activate the Algolia Woocommerce Plugin I only get a searchbar and no results, facets, … .

Firebug outputs this message “AlgoliaSearchError: Index wp2_posts_product_menu_order_asc does not exist”

Hi Barelo,

Can you confirm you use tell us what version of the Algolia plugin for WooCommerce you are using? We fixed this issue in one of the latest release so I was selfishly hoping you weren’t using the latest version.

We will send a new version of the plugin by the start of next week, I hope that will solve your issue.

Please bear with us.


I am using 0.4.0 of the woocommerce Plugin and 1.7.0 of the wordpress plugin. Looking forward for the new version.