Aliases for sizes

Manufacturers use different sizing terminology.
X-small to 4xl, 32-50, 65-95 in steps of 10.

Can Algolia have this as aliases, or would it be better to normalize this at the source instead?

Some products are “small/medium” and “large/xlarge”
And some are “smal/large” “xlarge”
Others “onesize” and “plussize”

If I translate all the values to a number, or a text in “xsmall, small, medium, large,xlarge …”
is it then possible to assign multiple sizes? for instance “small,medium”

An additional attribute with standardized numeric values could be useful because it would allow you set ranges, etc.

At the very least, normalizing the values before you add the records to your index is preferred as it will reduce the number of facet values and speed up indexing and filtering.