Align Search button with elements (algolia searchbox) in wp search form and bind selected (algolia suggested) with queried wp terms in db

How do i align the blue search button at the bottom left with other elements (dropdown and search box). Also making it responsive for other devices.

The blog I need help with is


It looks like you’re using Wordpress. The Algolia plugin for Wordpress is deprecated. We now explain how to write your custom Algolia integration with Wordpress. This custom integration doesn’t contain any UI logic it’s your responsibility to build it. You can find more information in the documentation.

The issue mention is outside the context of Algolia, it’s not related to search or building an index. This is a CSS issue and I would recommend looking on StackOverflow or similar platform for this kind of issue.

Hope that you understand. Have a great day!

Thanks for the feedback. Since that plugin has been deprecated i have decided to leverage the places API which is not as precise as the search but began tweaking to see if it will be an easier workaround/alternative to autocompleting some suburbs and regions in my search form.

Something I would like to test on my demo page before making a final decision. The idea is to try to bind the places autosuggest API with my search input field so it will query based on an input event with search terms location (region, suburb) . This could happen upon click > search and/or enter event ? which ever one is convenient for the user…

At this juncture when i enter for instance “accra” which auto suggests “Greater Accra Region” refer to screenshot

I get returned 21 (wrong) results instead of 6 (correct) which is what we have populated in the wordpress DB for properties in “Greater Accra Region”

wrong url:

We are supposed to be getting this which is the correct redirected url

Here is a snippet of html form in WP template

form action="" id="realteo-search-form" method="GET">
                    <p>Selected: <strong id="single-country-address-value">none</strong></p>
                    <input type="search" id="single-country-search" class="form-control" placeholder="Search City or Suburb test version" />

<!--other elements here-->

Any recommendations or guidances on what to do or the right approach?
As recommended here is the reference URL to post on Stack Exchange ->