All Products are not Indexed

HI Jan,
I am using magento 2.1.5 and i got 8370(2-7-2018) active visible products.
This count varies every day because the product managed by a external inventory system.
Their is few categories under which the products are uploaded manually and Algolia search indexing are missing for those products which are upload before we enabled the search module and they are not getting listed in algolia even after I re-index…

This Issues is there from the day we enabled the search… You have instructed me to re-save the products but it didn’t help…

What else can be done?

Hello @ben5,

can you check that those products are enabled, visible at least in search and on stock?
Can you disable indexing queue, go to the not-indexed product and save it?

It should be indexed immediately.

Hi Jan,
I have disabled your module and checked all the results are fine… Only the algolia search is not populating the result… THis shows they are not indexed in Algolia properly,
What can be done next?

Hello Ben,

I meant you disable only indexing queue, not the module completely.

Can you disable the queue, go to any not indexed product and save it?
Then when you go to Algolia dashboard, search for the saved product you should find it.

Can you try that?