All The Dresses - An aggregator for women's clothing hire

Hey All,

I just soft-launched a new website, All The Dresses.

The website aggregates all the women’s clothing available for hire in Australia. It’s like ShopStyle, Lyst or Polyvore, but with a focus on hire only. Algolia is utilised heavily as you will see.

I’ve implemented all the things previously discussed at this topic: SEO-friendly instantsearch with infinite scrolling

Would love any feedback.



Hey. Very cool implementation!!

Have you thought about using search for facet values for the designer facet? That could help your users find the designer they want and could give you the opportunity to shrink down the number of facet values that you request.

PS: I see that you are using instantsearch.js, I’d be interested to hear about your experience with it.

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Hey Bobylito, and thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think I was aware of the search for facet values option. Is there a demo I can see somewhere before I go testing it out?

Instantsearch.js has been great! Not too much I can say about it really, it just works. From memory, the only thing I really had to mess with is code to handle the page heading as a new search is made. E.g. If you come in via a designer page - - you’ll see the heading above the results is “Realisation”. I want this to disappear as soon as the designer filter becomes anything other than just “Realisation” on its own.

In order to get the best SEO, I load all content first seen by the user within the original HTML source markup. I do this by emulating what instantsearch does but via the Algolia PHP API. Then, as soon as the page loads, instantsearch takes over and runs the same queries, and populates the page content again. This step is unnecessary as the content has already been loaded with the original page, but I didn’t know of any other way to handle it. It would be awesome if some built-in instantsearch functions could cater for this, whereby you can pass in the starting content for results and filters. It will result in faster page load as well as a reduction in queries to Algolia. I hope this is making sense…

The Algolia infinitescroll code needs a bit of work, which I have given feedback via the discourse topic on SEO and on github.


Thanks for the feedback. The SEO is really something that we’d like to tackle soon :slight_smile: As for the infinite scroll, have you tried the infinite hits widget? It’s the same concept but it relies on a button to trigger the next page.

For the search for facet values, we wrote an article about it on the blog. Also we revamped the guide about facets and we dedicated a part for it. We implemented it in our TED demo.

This is a really nice implementation @baz!

I like how you’re scrolling the hero out of site once the search starts. It’s a nice transition. The only issue on my laptop is a little big of lag, probably because of re-templating while the animation is happening, but it’s pretty minor and I suppose you could always add a small delay with a placeholder.

Thanks for posting the project and for your feedback on other threads, really appreciate it. If/when you’re ready for it to be shared, let me know and we can highlight it in our newsletter and tweet about it.

Thanks Josh :smile:

Now that you mention it, I get a bit of lag sometimes as well - and I think you’re right about it being caused by the re-templating. I think I got in the habit of clicking “Start Browsing” prior to doing any searches in most of my testing. I could try using CSS transitions instead of jquery… jquery animations are known to be poor performers, although its usually on mobile devices that you notice the difference.

On that note, I also suggest checking out the site on mobile if you haven’t already… I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

I appreciate your offer of mentioning the site in your newsletter and Twitter - I’ll definitely take you up on that! I might let the site run for a couple weeks so that I can iron out any bugs, then I’ll flick you a message.


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