Allow return to site's native search when Algolia plan exceeded

“Operations quota exceeded, change plan to get more Operations.” –

  1. Instead of displaying a broken website, can you guys allow search to fallback onto the platform’s original search engine?
  2. Can you guys send a warning notification email beforehand to give a heads up?

(my site is completely down now.) I just completed my 14 day trial, and I’m still working on testing and integrating Algolia into, but am pretty frozen at this point.

Hey @work, you should be able to switch to the free plan after the trial period. Otherwise you can contact for an extension of your trial.

I’m not sure what you mean by “original search engine”, are you using an integration like for Shopify?

When on your website, I don’t see any notifications of search not working, did you fix this meanwhile?

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Hi @haroen,
Yes, I needed to switch to the free plan! However when I was logging into the dashboard, I wasn’t receiving any notification that told me to do this, so it appeared as if it just stopped working.
I’d written support email as well and one of the team members had gone in and selected the plan for me - so when you went to look at it it was already working again.

I’m not sure why I wasn’t seeing any alert notification to choose a plan after free trial to keep Algolia running.
When I installed Algolia for a client, I did see this, but not on my own account for some reason~ thanks!

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Awesome, glad it got sorted out!

  1. Would it be possible to put an alert to choose a plan in the debug console? the current alert “operations quota exceeded” isn’t so informative.
  2. Could there be a persistent alert bar on top of screen that says exactly what is going on “search queries stopped until you choose a plan”

I shared your feedback with our dashboard team, cc @gianluca.bargelli, @alexandre.meunier, @jvenezia