Alpha sorting on Facets to allow for Macrons. Currently ā comes after a-z

Hello my name is Jai

Currently on my Algolia instance I have an alphabetical sort order but my filtered items are filled with titles that have macrons in them e.g ā and this gets shown after the items a-z that do not have any macrons.

Is this a feature that Aloglia could please look into supporting?

Hello Jai,

If you have distinct entries for ā and a in your facet values it’s most probably because you configured keepDiacriticsOnCharacters with ā.
Facets values can be sorted by count or alphabetically using the sortFacetValuesBy (count|alpha) parameter. When alpha is used: ā will appear after a, b, … z etc. because this is their order in the Unicode standard but I understand the need of having ā close to a.

Could you describe your use case and the language of the documents you’re indexing in Algolia?
I’m going to let the team know about this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Jose-Paul,

Thank you for your response, that is good to know re on how the unicode on special characters get indexed.

Our use case is this, our website contains a list of resources, these resources are associated to multiple facets which are mixed in with English and Te Reo Māori.

Some of the Te Reo centric facets have names like ‘Ākonga Māori’, along with other facets named like this which all currently show after the a-z named facets, we would like facets to not do this and instead work with one another, so it would be invaluable to have this functionality working within Algolia.

Thank you

Jai Barlow