Always getting error invalid Application-ID or API key

I am implementing algolia search and getting invalid Application-ID or API key.
Here is my code:

let client = Client(appID: “XF4CECS276”, apiKey: “3ae5c80c709e50a329S79bde830f7c4bf”)
let queries = [
IndexQuery(indexName: “User”, query: Query(query: “Lacey Saha”)),
IndexQuery(indexName: “getstarted_actors”, query: Query(query: “Ashley”)) ]
client.multipleQueries(queries, completionHandler: { (content, error) -> Void in
if error == nil {
print(“Result: (content!)”)

please help

You API Key does not seem to be valid. Please check in your dashboard, in the “API Keys” section.

You should have a “Search-Only API Key” field to copy-paste in place of your apiKey.

Not solved … app id is the application id