Analytics with react-instantsearch

Hello algolia team,

I use react-instantsearch and I have one problem.
I need to see analytics information on my algolia backoffice, but I don’t get this data.

To see more details (“empty search”) I need to set true in analytics variable. I tried to set analytics on true thanks to Configure widget, but it doesn’t work, a second analytics variable is sent and overloads mine.

I don’t find how to set an analytics variable to true correctly with react-instantsearch.

Thanks for your feedbacks


Hey there,

You can see on this sandbox that the Configure widget works as expected with analytics.

Are you able to reproduce this behavior on this sandbox? (you can fork it and send the link back)


Hi Francois,

Thanks for your answer. I just tested your sandbox link but the problem is also on it.

The first request seems “good” but from the second request “auto parameters” are added and among them there are analytics: false.


Hi Camille,

Having twice analytics, one to true, one to false, can be expected. I believe that you are using a widget like the refinement list that allows you to select multiple filters. Is it correct?

The way of doing that with Algolia is to perform two queries, the second one being to retrieve the other filters available. That’s the reason why we put “analytics:false” on it, to avoid degrated your real analytics.

That being said, it should works and you should be able to see your searches using configure and “analytics:true”.

On the request you sent first, the query is empty (which corresponds to empty_search on the analytics). Can you send us an example where it’s not? Also having a sense of the UI you have can help.

Also, analytics are not displayed synchronously in the dashboard, it might take time before they appear.