[Android and Firebase] - Map with size 1 returned

Hi, I’m using cloud functions to index my objects, and one of the objects properties is a Map<String,MyClass>. The problem is, in firebase console and in Algolia dashboard I can see that the maps can have size 2,3 or more. But when I query, it always returns size 1.

Any ideas ?



Just to clarify your question, so I can better help you: Are you saying that when you search, even though you have three results, you only get one? If that is the case, what is the data you inserted and what is the query you are using?


Hi Robert! Thanks for the reply ! I actually figured it out. It turns out I was creating a totally different object with all equal attributes like the one showed on query, but with a new HashMap with size 1. I fixed this issue, and the queries are now showing a map with bigger sizes.

The data inserted is an object that contains a hashmap. Json objects are a pain to parse, hence the problem.

Thank you !