Android Instant search on query change not giving the suggestion

I am exploring the Algolia search suggestion, I am facing an issue that the search suggestion adapter is not getting refreshed when I start typing it keeps on showing the same suggestion, It should show the matching suggestion because I already connected the search view, Is there any extra thing I need to do I followed your documentation regarding Algolia search suggestion

Expected behavior :thought_balloon:
It should show the matching suggestion according to value of search view

Code Snippet

// Setup search box
val searchView = findViewById(
val searchBoxView = SearchBoxViewAppCompat(searchView)
connection += viewModel.searchBox.connectView(searchBoxView)

    // Observe suggestions
    viewModel.suggestions.observe(this) { searchBoxView.setText(it.query, true) }

    searchView.setOnQueryTextListener(object : SearchView.OnQueryTextListener {
        override fun onQueryTextSubmit(query: String?): Boolean {
            return true

        override fun onQueryTextChange(newText: String?): Boolean {
            TODO("Not yet implemented")