Angular - Algolia Search ([Object, Object]) error

Hi Everyone,

Currently, I am trying to get AlgoliaSearch to work on my web app. I am getting this error though, I’m not really sure what’s going on - or what this means. I have indexes stored on Algolia called “projects” and there are values in there, and everything. I’m just trying to get them to load. Any ideas? Thank you so much for all the help, this is for my school project and I’m extremely stumped.

I am currently trying to set it up within Firebase, and I have a function for it here.

Inside my component I am doing this. image


Hi there,
I assume you’re using Angular InstantSearch, but not sure which version, and how the other parts of your code look like.
Getting a minimal reproducible example helps us better understand the problem. Could you update this CodeSandbox template for reproduction and provide the steps to reproduce the issue?