Angular Instant Search error in Internet Explorer

I am having issues with the Angular instant search only in Internet Explorer.
Sometimes the does not load or takes a long time to.

here is my mark up:

<ais-instantsearch [config]="this.searchConfig">
              <ng-template let-hits="hits">
                <li *ngFor="let hit of hits" class="search-list library-app">
                  <span class="col-xs-2">
                    <img src="{{ hit.thumbnail }}">
                  <a class="search-chapter-detail col-xs-10" href="{{this.generateUrl(hit.breadcrumbs)}}" target="_blank">
                    <div class="search-chapter-title">{{ hit.title }}</div>
                    <div class="search-chapter-breadcrumb">
                      <ng-container *ngFor="let breadcrumb of hit.breadcrumbs; last as isLast">
                        <p *ngIf="!isLast"> > </p>


If you have any issues with Angular InstantSearch and IE we would be happy to help by creating an issue on the GitHub repo directly ( Please include a sandbox with minimum code necessary to reproduce your issue.