Any updated solution on indexing WordPress ACF Advanced Custom Field?

I found this thread, but sadly it seems to be outdated. Does anyone have an updated solution that allows algolia index ACF and searchable? Thanks

By all means, that article looks like it’s still completely valid and working. We also have a similar section for ACF Custom Fields in a blog post on our own site at WP Search with Algolia Tips and Tricks - WebDevStudios All in all either link should still be a good solution.

For what it’s worth, WebDevStudios maintains a fork of the original WP Search with Algolia plugin and actively support it still.

Hi yes, it is still working. I did not know we have to push the settings for indexing those custom fields initially. Thanks

Ahh, yes, if the ACF fields weren’t in the index quite yet, then a re-indexing of either the individual post, or all of the posts, would be needed before they could be displayed.