Any way to allow both Solr and Algolia to index in tandem in Magento?

We are currently attempting to use Algolia search strictly for autocomplete functionality as completely migrating our search over to Algolia is not feasible as we require certain extensions that only work with the default Magento search. Having Algolia indexing enabled disables the Solr indexing which stops new products from showing up in Solr searches. As the heading says, is there way to allow both of these searches to index in tandem?

Hello Akim,

do you have any special indexer for Solr?
Can you please describe me on how you reindex your Solr indices normally?

Thank you!

Hi Jan,

As far as we know we do not have any special indexers. Normal Solr reindexing would be done via a cronjob that runs --reindexall on the indexer.php with Algolia disabled.